Sherry Lynn Womack didn’t violate any policies outlines by the Lee County Board of Education when she attended a rally in support of President Trump on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., school board attorney Jimmy Love Sr. told the board Tuesday night.

Love submitted a report based on his investigation to the board at its February meeting which concluded “the evidence presented does not show that Ms. Womack violated school board policies.”

Some had asked whether Womack’s quote to a USA Today reporter was a violation of a policy about speaking on behalf of the board because she apparently identified herself as a member of the Board of Education.

“The question is whether or not Ms. Womack violated any of this board,” Love said. “My conclusion is that there was no violation of any school board policy.”

Read Love’s full report here.

The report came at the end of the four-plus hour meeting, well after 106 comments were read from the public. Many of the public comments were related to the schools’ reopening process, but dozens were in support of Womack. About a third of the public comments read were from people living outside Lee County, including at least 18 from Moore County.

One of the biggest voices to come out in support of Womack was Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, who said he didn’t believe Womack went to D.C. “with the intent to participate in criminal activity.”

“Nor do I believe that she did participate in any of the horrific criminal activity that took place that day,” Carter wrote. “What I do believe is that she went to DC to exercise her right as an American to support the President of the United States. Sherry Lynn not only fought as a highly decorated member of our military for 33 years for our country, she continues to fight every day for our county, especially our students.”

Jynnifer Bridges of Sanford, an employee of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, said she’s worked numerous times with Womack and has never witnessed her to be “a racist, bigot, terrorist or any other hateful words that have been used to describe and attack her.”

“Instead I have witnessed amazing compassion and care as she interacts with those in our community — regardless of their race, sex, religion, or socioeconomic status,” Bridges added. “Sherry Lynn had the right to go to D.C. and support the president of the United States just as others have the right to not support the president, regardless of who is in office. She was not a part of the violence and was not near it when it happened.”

And 15-year-old student Zoe Coggins said she’s known Womack for over four years and doesn’t believe she deserves “all this hate.”

“She has helped clean up the community, helped the homeless and sets a good example for young girls like me,” Coggins said. ” I think that she shouldn’t get all this hate. She has helped so many children in the school system and out of the school system not as a political stunt, but because she is a good person.”

The comments in support of Womack seemed to balance the overwhelming public statements calling for her resignation at the previous meeting. Still, some said this week that they still want to see her gone.

“You have an immature, incompetent, incapable person on your school board and something needs to be done about it,” wrote Emily G. (no last name given) of Sanford. “Fire her. What are you waiting for?”

Also Tuesday, the board voted down 4-3 along partisan lines a proposal by Democratic member Lynn Smith to return to non partisan elections.

Watch the full meeting below: