So apparently the Highway 55 restaurant will be on the southbound side of Horner Boulevard, and a Mavis Tire shop will go across the street. Whoops.

Here’s one we got just a little bit wrong. We reported October 1 that a plot at South Horner Boulevard and Grimm Street was soon to be the home of a standalone Highway 55 restaurant.

It turns out the plot in question will be home to a new Mavis Tire and Brake store, according to a permit on file with the Sanford/Lee County Planning Department.

Not to worry, though, standalone Highway 55 enthusiasts. We weren’t completely off the mark, as a plot directly across the street — next to the Marathon gas station will host the North Carolina-based burger joint. It remains unclear if the nearby Highway 55 location in the Walmart shopping center will remain open.

We’d say we regret the error, but life is far too short for regrets. Burgers and tires forever.