This showed up on The Rant’s radar prior to the election, but we’re glad to have seen it continued through yesterday, when city voters cast their final ballots for the new makeup of the Sanford City Council.

Republican Richard Porter, who was defeated Tuesday by Democrat Linda Rhodes for the at large seat on the council being vacated by Democrat Chas Post, visited the Lee County Democratic Party’s election night party to congratulate Rhodes and wish her well, according to a Facebook post by Lee County Democratic Party Chairwoman Vonda Reives:


Even before Election Day, The Rant had been made aware of the competitors’ willingness to not only be civil, but even worship together. A reader let us know that Porter and Rhodes attended church together on July 17 to show how two people competing for the same seat could also commit to respecting one another in the process:



We’re not convinced yet that this will be the model for elections going forward, but it’s great to see it happening at all. Congrats to Porter and Rhodes both for treating one another as the humans they are, running a clean race, and putting the people of Sanford first.