The Deep River Park Association will host on Saturday the final event of its fall fundraising lecture series at the old Cumnock Fire Department at 804 Cumnock Road.

Entrance to the Assosication’s Bigfoot Conference, set for 2 p.m., is $10. The event will feature speakers discussing local cryptid sightings, food trucks, and more.

Speakers include Johnnie and Victoria Jackson, Terry Windell, Matt Hooper, Phillip Palmer, former Sheriff Tracy Carter, Stephen Barcello, and Tammy Rogers. The speakers, who will share stories of firsthand encounters and present audio and video evidence, come from across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia and have conducted investigations across the southeast. An open mic event at the end will give attendees the opportunity to share their own stories.

All proceeds raised will go to the Deep River Park Association, a local nonprofit that maintains parks at the Camelback Bridge and the former Carbonton Dam site. Visit their Facebook page or email for more information about future events or to make a donation.