By Richard Sullins |

Two new apartment complexes with a combined capacity of 744 units received the green light from the Sanford City Council last week to proceed with development. If construction is completed over the next year or so, they will nearly encircle the Hawkins Run subdivision on the northern edge of the city.

The first project is a single tract of land submitted by developer Mark Lyczkowski consisting of 22.27 acres with frontage on Hawkins Avenue, U.S. 421, and Cape Jasmine Drive that is located within the southern boundary of Hawkins Run. The rezoning changes the land’s designation from Residential Mixed (R-12) to the Hawkins Village Apartments Conditional Zoning District. The site is currently vacant and partially wooded.

The city Planning Board recommended the rezoning request be approved, but also recommended that Lyczkowski dedicate a portion of the project for commercial use close to Hawkins Avenue with space for everyday retail essentials and personal services.

The Hawkins Village project would consist of 12 buildings on the site that would hold 288 apartments. Of these, 204 would be single bedroom units, 60 others would be two bedroom apartments, and another 24 units would three bedroom units. The buildings would be a mixture of three and four floor levels in height.

The second project to win approval is called The Station Apartments and is to be situated between the northern edge of the Hawkins Run subdivision and the rear of the Northview Shopping Plaza. Three pieces of property are being combined into a single tract of land that will also receive a conditional zoning designation.

The Station Apartments complex will include six buildings of four floors each, with 76 units per building. The exterior surfaces will focus heavily on brick, highlighting the county’s rich history with this building material. Like the Hawkins Village project, The Station will feature one, two, and three-bedroom units.

Conditional zoning districts are permitted under the Plan SanLee land use plan that was adopted by Sanford, Broadway, and Lee County in 2018. Such districts are stand-alone divisions that have their own unique requirements and conditions.

A third project approved by the council in December of 2021 will bring even more housing to the growing northern side of the city. This development is owned by Raccoon Path Holdings, along with Truesdale Capital of Chapel Hill, and was annexed into the city in response to a request for a noncontiguous annexation and was zoned in a separate action as the Northview Conditional Zoning District.

This 43.1-acre tract has frontage on Hawkins Avenue and Beechtree Drive just north of the roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 1 and U.S. 15-501. The property is being developed as apartments and potential commercial uses.