By Lily Jones | Rant Intern

Broadway resident Edwin Patterson was given the Order of the Long Leaf Pine award on June 4 in recognition of his work on historic preservation through building restorations across Lee, Harnett, Chatham, and Wake counties.

The Long Leaf Pine award is “among the most prestigious awards conferred by the Governor or North Carolina” and is “awarded to persons for exemplary service to the State of North Carolina and their communities that is above and beyond the call of duty.”

Edwin Patterson

Patterson owns 16 historic buildings from around the region and has worked to restore and maintain them for the past 42 years. The buildings date from 1761 to 1928 and are currently located on his property in Harnett County.

Patterson has furnished and replicated moments in history throughout the buildings, to include rope beds, weaving machines, dressers, tables, woven chairs, pottery, blanket chests, and even spindles. Patterson also has a talent for stone work, which he has used to restore stone chimneys. Currently, he is working on his biggest building, a two story red spring home with electricity and a large front porch. It’s where he married his wife, Pam.

Patterson expressed gratitude for this award with his thank you speech, “I must say I feel like the luckiest person in the world.” He also credits his family, his wife and two daughters who have supported his passion.

Patterson was nominated for the Order of Long Leaf Pine by Bob Etheridge, a former United States representative from Harnett County. Etheridge presented Patterson with the award in a ceremony at the site of his buildings.

Photos by Lily Jones