The Sanford/Lee County Zoning & Design Review Department‘s Technical Review Committee will consider four proposals for multifamily complexes totaling more than 500 units later this month, according to the meeting agenda.

The first complex proposal on the agenda for June 29, Cole Village Apartments, is the largest and would consist of 312 units at 3410 Hawkins Avenue. It is the former site of Cole Pottery, just north of the Oak Park Road intersection.

The Cole Village Apartments proposal

Another set of proposals, for Harkey Towns North and Harkey Towns South, would consist of a combined 156 townhome units on Harkey Road near the intersection with Garden Street.

The Harkey Towns North proposal (colorized) The Harkey Towns South proposal can be seen in the shaded area below.

The final proposal, the Keller Andrews Road Townhome Subdivision, would consist of 66 townhome units along Keller Andrews Road, facing U.S. 1 and next to Lee Christian School.

The Keller Andrews Road Townhome Subdivision proposal

The meeting agenda notes that each of the four properties would need to be annexed into the city and rezoned accordingly before they could be developed as proposed.

The Technical Review Committee is comprised of local officials from various city and county government entities representing Sanford, Lee County and Broadway. The committee meets monthly to review commercial projects and major subdivisions for compliance with the codes and policies of various local departments. Committee members make no guarantee that the projects submitted for review will be developed — only that they fall under compliance. The proposals could also be amended due to recommendations or requests from the TRC.