The hits keep coming for friend-of-the-Rant Mike Stone.

Last week, the Rant reported that Stone was one of two state representatives targeted in an anti-fracking commercial paid for by a coalition of state environmental groups.

Now, anti-Stone direct mail funded by the same coalition is landing in area mailboxes.

Ad2AIn one, a glass of drinking water sits behind “crime scene” tape. “There’s something Rep. Mike Stone doesn’t want you to know,” it reads. “He’s putting fracking companies ahead of families. Tell Rep. Mike Stone to protect us, not polluters.”

A second piece, which arrived in mailboxes over the weekend, shows a doctor holding a glass of water – while he stands behind bars.

“He could go to jail for protecting our families’ health,” it reads. “Rep. Mike Stone voted to make protecting our health a crime.”

Both mailers reference Stone’s support of Senate Bill 786, which allows the issuance of drilling permits beginning next spring. The bill also makes disclosure of the chemical makeup of fracking fluids a crime.

Stone hasn’t made any public comments about the ad campaign. Recent Facebook activity on his part indicates he may be more worried about the pressing issue of “who in Sanford NC is it that don’t know how to use a trashcan (sic).”

stone trash cans