Tossing some red meat to the base, Republican Representative and friend-of-the-Rant Mike Stone sent out a lengthy fundraising appeal this week, asking for money with which to combat attacks from “Obama Democrats” and “Left-Wing Radicals.”

The three-page letter claims “Democrats and their liberal special interest groups who want to steal our freedoms, dominate mainstream media, and actively seek to push our nation towards socialism” are after him with “smoke-and-mirror filled ads with twisted facts … many of which cross the lines of decency.”

The letter claims Stone’s opponents are “eager for a chance to ‘buy’ a piece of our government.”

Stone’s most recent campaign finance report shows him raising just $350 from individuals in his home district during the second quarter of 2014, even while raking in more than $20,000 from political action committees, Republican legislators and individuals outside the district.

To be fair, Stone has been the subject of multiple ads highlighting his record on fracking, local issues, and even video poker. Some of those ads have come from advocacy groups, while others have come from Stone’s opponent, Harnett County attorney Brad Salmon.

But Stone has also benefited from outside spending — the News & Observer recently reported that Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group which opposes government spending, “saturated” several radio markets in North Carolina with ads in support of his policies.

So are Stone’s opponents socialists who want to buy the government and steal your freedom? Or is there a grassroots movement to hold him accountable for his record? You be the judge.

Read the entire letter below.

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