(Note: This post was part of our 2018 April Fools’ coverage and is very obviously a joke.)

The Rant took home 17 #FakeNews awards, including eight for first place, in the annual North Carolina Fake Online News Spring Institute in Bunnlevel, LPH Media co-founder Gordon Anderson announced Sunday.

First place prizes included co-founder Billy Liggett’s expose on the suspiciously large number of pharmacies in Sanford, co-founder Jonathan Owens’ investigative piece about the alleged existence of a sports program at something called Southern Lee High School, and Anderson’s five-star review of the 1992 album “Vulgar Display of Power” by Texas-based heavy metal band Pantera.

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The Rant also took home a “World’s Greatest Dad” award, a “best smile” award for the Lee County High School yearbook and nine toys picked out of a claw machine, including a kick-ass stuffed unicorn.

“We are extremely disappointed to be recognized as fake news so many times over the past year,” Anderson said. “Not only is it an embarrassing distinction which emboldens our many critics, it also speaks to our cowardice and lack of scruples. We are trying our hardest.”