Back when TCBY was a thing, there was a debate on what the acronym meant: “The Country’s Best Yogurt” or “This Can’t Be Yogurt.” As I’m certain a simple Google search would answer this question, I’d prefer to just never really know the true answer.

There’s a similar dilemma with Sanford’s new yogurt shop, located in Sanford’s old yogurt shop. It’s either called Yo Love It Premium Frozen Yogurt or Y Love It, with a yogurt graphic where an “O” could be. (Alas, I DID Google this, and according to business records, it is indeed “Yo Love It.”)

yogurt2So, all of this to say that the spot that once held your beloved Sweet Frog is now home to a new yogurt shop — Yo Love It. The layout of the shop is unchanged (except there’s a chalkboard and small seating area for kids toward the front), and more importantly, the yogurt flavors and toppings appear to be either the same or very, very similar. And I’m not sure how much yogurt was per ounce at Sweet Frog, but at Yo Love It, the cost is 53 cents an ounce (I believe it’s slightly more expensive).

The owner, Carlos, was not available on Tuesday, but the store was open, and there were about 10 customers Tuesday evening. So yeah … we have frozen yogurt … just in time for the coldest day of the young year tomorrow.

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