UPDATE: A fourth case was confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

ORIGINAL STORY: North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services website gave us a little bit of a scare Tuesday, when it ticked the number of Coronavirus cases in Lee County up from three to four.

In each of the first three cases to appear locally, the Lee County Health Department has been the first to make the announcement. There was no such announcement made Tuesday, so we inquired about the discrepancy. Here’s what county spokesperson Jamie Brown had to say:

“We do not have a fourth case physically in Lee County,” Brown said in an email to The Rant. “What we have discovered is that an individual who has property in Lee County has tested positive for COVID-19 in another state where they primarily reside. We aren’t clear the specifics of why this positive test is counted as part of the Lee County total, but we can confirm the individual is not physically present in Lee County nor have they been in the county or the state at any time recently.”

Brown said the county is working with NCDHHS to determine if the reporting can or should be changed.